Treatments We Offer:

Titan Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care, including both hygiene and restorative care for children and family members in Grassland & Franklin TN. We utilize a range of sedation techniques during treatment, including partial and full sedation.

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Hygiene Care

Hygiene care includes regular cleanings and exams, periodic diagnostic imaging checks and deep cleanings, where appropriate. Hygiene procedures significantly help in the prevention of future oral health issues, including gum disease and recession.

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Restorative Care

Restorative procedures address oral issues that have become in need of more substantial treatment. These cases span a wide spectrum of treatment options and can include anything from procedures focused on removing existing decay and restoring existing tooth structure to crowning teeth that are in need of more complex treatment to full extraction of the tooth. Restorative care may also include root canals, bridges, dentures and implants. The restorative procedures that we offer are comprehensive in nature and can address nearly all of your oral health issues.

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We are fully qualified and trained to provide limited sedation to adults, if needed, as they receive treatment. We utilize several safe and effective sedation techniques ranging from the application of ‘laughing gas’ to prescriptions that can be taken prior to arrival at our offices.